SHEGEL is an independent Belgian legal and management advisory firm with offices both in the Walloon region (close to Namur, Liège, the Grand-Duchee of Luxemburg and the North-East of France) and in the Flemish region (close to Ghent, Antwerp, Charleroi, Mons, Brussels and the North of France (Lille, Douai, Valenciennes)).


After gaining 9 years of varied and challenging professional experience in various functions (going from sales, consultancy to legal advisory, legal and contract management) in technical businesses (IT, civil construction works, real estate (development), dredging, geotechnics/deep foundations, PPP,…), SHEGEL was started up in 2008 by Mrs Stéphanie Heyman (°1976), Master in Law KU Leuven (specialized in Public Law, Public Procurement, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Town Planning , Contracts and Torts, Public Private Partnerships (PPP)).

She followed various financial and accountancy training programs as well as the Financial Management program at Vlerick Business School.

She became a Certified Data Protection Officer, trained to handle GDPR compliance and the DPO function, in 2017.


Her main objective was to diversify her activities and to share experience gained in big and multinational companies with small and medium sized companies in order to make such professional legal management skills also accessible to those companies, at reasonable and affordable fees.


At the same time, SHEGEL continued to work for and with big companies on an international level, thus continuously adding experience and keeping a close feeling with new developments in Asia, Middle-East, Europe and Africa.


SHEGEL’s main values and objectives are: no-nonsense legal management and support for its clients, quick reaction time, transparent and straightforward reporting to client’s direction, providing commercially acceptable and feasible solutions, efficiency, dedication, discretion and integrity, availability, flexibility, “good agreements make good friends”. SHEGEL does not stick to a theoretical view on things but goes for a pragmatic, realistic and practical approach.


A part from legal management and advice, SHEGEL can also rely on more than 17 years of strong and varied experience in public sector and nonprofit financial management and reporting gained on the level of Flemish municipalities, Flemish Government, European Institutions, OCMW/CPAS, schools/ high schools/universities and various nonprofit organizations (including VZW/ASBL).


Upon request, SHEGEL also offers tailor-made services and solutions to public sector, educational sector and non-profit organizations. More information can be obtained via SHEGEL Financial Management Department.


SHEGEL is also active in real estate and investment projects via SHEGEL Real Estate and Investment Departmen





SHEGEL SPRL/BVBA, Voie des Fers 5, 6840 Massul, Belgium

VAT BE 0898.497.934 (TVA/BTW), RPR/RPM 0898.497.934

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