Legal Management and Advisory

SHEGEL offers the following Legal (Interim) Management and Advisory services in Dutch, French, English and Italian:


•legal audit


•general legal services


•coordination and management legal affairs, amongst others:


-sound knowledge of contract law/(international) contract forms (contract drafting, contract review,…);

-construction and engineering contracts (EPC, Turnkey, DB(F)(M), DB(O)(T)), including FIDIC (training 2008 @London);

-real estate, concession/usufruct and lease agreements;

-contract management and negotiation;

-contracts and torts ;

-commercial law (licensing, distribution, agency, lease, purchase/sales,…);

-business law;

-recovery of receivables;

-intellectual property;

-procurement and purchasing;


•corporate housekeeping

-corporate law (collaboration, consortium, (silent) partnerships, joint ventures and several company forms in various jurisdictions).



•insurance (including insurance contract drafting, procurement, negotiation with brokers or insurance companies,risk assessment management, follow-up and claims management);


•company administration (including insurance, corporate housekeeping, human resources and managing social and labour law issues)


•litigation and dispute resolution


oparticipation in amicable negotiations;

odrafting settlements;

othorough experience in follow up and coordination of litigation (regular court cases in collaboration with acting lawyers, mediation and arbitration International Chamber of Commerce, CPR,…)


•PPP and investment projects: project structuring and financing including credit insurance for export credits, structuring of guarantees;


•SHEGEL also acts as independent director of companies ;


•Legal Interim Management assignments in case of temporary need for legal reinforcement or on a project basis can be executed on a Free Lance basis


Upon request, SHEGEL can bow on its (inter)national network of legal and other subcontractors. If required, SHEGEL can make suggestions to its client to hire specialized legal or other subcontractors such as lawyers, specialist consultants and other service providers in various jurisdictions.


SHEGEL is thus NOT a law firm and will in no event exercise the reserved activities of any (Belgian or other) privileged profession but does strive towards a fruitful collaboration with such professions.

SHEGEL does therefore not act as a lawyer but will collaborate, manage and coordination the relationship between the external lawyer and SHEGEL as client’s representative.



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VAT BE 0898.497.934 (TVA/BTW), RPR/RPM 0898.497.934

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